Writing for me has always been a constant in my life.  I was given my first diary for Christmas when I was 7 years old.

As a 7 year old I felt the need to document everything around me and I mean literally everything!

That particular summer of 83′ my cousin Paul had hurt himself (not sure how), he ended up with a blister, not just any blister, but a rather large one.  Over the course of the summer holidays I documented his blister, the size, shape, location and its eventual demise.

So it was safe to say I enjoyed the writing process.

I have written in many journals over the years especially when I was travelling, first at 17 and again at 21 for my big OE.

I have always wondered what to do with these diaries/journals and had even considered burning them.  I cringe at the thought of someone reading them and casting judgement.  I now realise they play a part in my journey and are just snippets of how I felt at those times in my life.


I feel I will re-read them all again perhaps in my 80’s and reminisce about a time gone by.

I may even share some of these adventures.


The thought of blogging was and still is quite daunting to me and my thoughts plays tricks on me, telling me not to bother and that no one will read them.  But then my mind comes up with the reassurance plans and says “who cares” – some will love it and some won’t.


A major lesson in life for me is that, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Something I have tried so hard to do for many years.


So taking this step and sharing has not been easy, but it has definitely been a great process in personal growth thus far.  As I continue on this path I will become a better writer.  I plan to share different slices of my life, both past, present and future.

I intend to continue to interview the Women of our community and shed light on how we all do it, how we all cope and how our perception of people is not necessarily reality.

I hope that if you have that feeling or desire to write or share, that this will inspire you to shake off those thoughts of doubt and just see where it goes.

As I have many diaries to pull stories from, it will certainly be an interesting read.


I am looking forward to this journey of self-discovery,

learning more about who will read my blogs and who I can help inspire.