Every year we naturally start talking about the year that has been. We discuss what we have achieved and start discussing what our plans are for the future. The end of last year was no different.

Rob, my husband is a very driven individual and knows the power of setting goals. Over the last five years Rob has managed to set some pretty amazing goals in both his work and personal life. He has been to Thailand motorbike riding. He has also managed to travel to Romania two years running. The first year he took part in a motorbike tour following the Romaniacs race.  The second year he decided he would be part of the race.

So it is safe to say the goals are always big and achieved.

Nothing like a challenge to get the blood pumping and feel truly alive.

So with no motorbike challenge on the horizon, work started to play on his mind. We even discussed a new adventure, possibly moving away starting again, re-inventing ourselves. I personally cringed at this point, as I absolutely love the Whitsundays and I love our community, so I knew I would struggle with this idea. I had also already decided to move forward with my vision of this website, I even entertained the idea of having a shop, but deep down I like some freedom.

It was the beginning of 2018 and we were still feeling a bit restless.

It was about this time that Rob casually mentioned “We should have our own real estate agency”.  I’ve always thought this would be a good idea, but it is all about timing. We initially looked into franchise companies as that is what you do. But it just didn’t seem to stick. If we were going to do this it had to be our own. The seed was then planted and bit by bit it started to grow.

When you start a business you put so much time, energy into it you really want it to reflect that outwardly. A very close friend of ours suggested to use our last name. Rob was resistant at first, but truthfully and now that it is out there, it really was the best decision. So TAYLORS Property Specialists was born.

This is definitely a new challenge and one that we are nurturing. Like all new businesses it is a chance to set your own culture, standards and values. We are fortunate to have individuals in our team with exactly the same vision as ours.

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