As a busy Mum, how do you stay on top of housework? Do you have a particular day that you dedicate or do you try and do some each day?

I out source.  Last year I hired a cleaner, as we have a decent house spending 4 hours to do it.  I can spend that time doing what actually pays me, my cleaner says she loves cleaning my house, so I’m so grateful for her.

I have learned to outsource what is not my zone of

genius or things that cause me stress.

How do you manage juggling being a Mum and working?

I have a huge age gap with my two kids.  It was a big change to have two and it was a struggle for a while when I first went back to work.  I worked four days a week I then had one day for my own business along with looking after kids and housework.  I am really good at running a schedule, everything goes into my calendar.  Isabelle is a really busy young lady and we have a lots going on for her with modelling, dancing too so its important to schedule everything!  In the corporate world I couldn’t be the Mum I wanted to be, and be at school assembly’s, swim carnivals and pickups, as I always had to choose  between my kids and work. 

Taking the leap to be a full time entrepreneur, part of that was wanting to be present for my kids while they are young. 

With my eldest I didn’t have that, so I always said that if we had another child it would be different.  Being organised, having support, I am not afraid to ask for help, I also have a very hands on husband who is amazing at helping with everything too.

We all struggle with Mother’s guilt, what would be your advice to new Mums on how to cope with this and keep things in perspective?

Make time for you and know that you are a priority as you can’t help anyone if you’re not pouring from a full cup. 

For me I have learnt to work at hours that aren’t always the norm.  Some days depending on the kids schedule I will start my day at 3am and be done by 11am and others 3pm – 11pm.  I can work around my kids, and what my clients needs are too, working with international clients always makes it fun!

What is your number one guilty pleasure or indulgence? (something most don’t know)

 I do like alone time.  So sneaking off to a movie by myself or having a massage, get my nails done I also love to indulge in shopping.

 What is one that no one knows about you?

My Mum said that I started out as a very shy introverted little girl.  I’m not sure what happened, hahah, now you find me centre stage!  I was also a vegetarian till I was 15, travelled Australia for two and half years  with a one year old in a caravan, most thought we were crazy but it was seriously the best time and memories.

Who do you admire?

My parents, my kids, and my clients. 

All inspire me everyday to be the best version of me.

What would you say is the best part of being a Mum?

Being able to witness them growing into themselves and having their own personalities.  Also seeing some of their traits that are so similar to me and my husband.  Being able to share experiences with them and learning new things together.

I know we all try and aim for the perfect work/life balance, how do you keep everything together most days?

Some days I work really early from 3am in the morning and other days I work during the night. Then I have days from 9 – 5..  I have set up my business up so that I have a level of freedom to work around the kids. I take time out where I can to fill my cup up with self care. I take a few trips a year with my team and to attend events that support my growth and development.  I always come back inspired and refreshed.

Do you have any hobbies?

Love swimming, snorkelling, socializing.  I love going out and being around people.  Love movies, music, shopping.

What is your favourite book?

“You are enough” by Cassie Mendoza- Jones and the Magic by Rhonda Byrne

How did you come about creating your own business?

Inspired Impact came about from being passionate about building an online business for myself and leveraging multiple income streams to have time and financial freedom.  It has now evolved into coaching, retreats and done for you marketing services to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses implement marketing automation and branding to create successful online businesses.

 What is the most favourite part of your business?

Seeing the evolution of someone from when they first come to me feeling a little lost and overwhelm and then seeing the end result of having a  powerful brand, website, marketing automation and seeing their business success.

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