I have had the pleasure of knowing Deb for the past 8 years. As a work colleague and more importantly as a friend. For those of you who know Deb, you will know that she is a well respected member of our community and runs Tropix Photography and Airlie Digital with her husband Shane.

She also somehow manages to either run committees or be on them. Her capacity for always supporting women and businesses in the Whitsunday community is just one of the reasons why she is first on my list of interviewees. Along with needing help setting up cameras!

I want to learn more about Deb and how she manages to do all that she does and still embrace you with that enigmatic smile every time you meet.


How do you stay on top of housework?

I generally do a little bit each day. The boys are also very helpful just like their Dad. The trick is to teach them when they are young, I will always remember them helping me to peg the washing. With hubby working away it was really important for me to instil this at an early age. I also felt that it was important to raise my boys just like their father (who is very helpful in the home) and appreciate the role that everyone has to help keep the household running.

How do you manage juggling being a Mum and working?

Lately I have cut back my hours that I am away at our shop. My eldest is now 24 years old and is living overseas. It is a bit of a reality shock of how quickly they grow and time with them just slips through your fingers. So with the younger two I have taken a step back. I am aware when I am on the computer and aim to do this during school hours or when they are asleep.

We all struggle with Mother’s guilt, what would be your advice to new Mums on how to cope with this and keep things in perspective?

I don’t struggle with mothers guilt now. I used to when my eldest was young. Now as they get older you realise that it is a wasted emotion. My advice is when you feel that way let yourself off the hook, ask for help. Always remember that you are #1 and you should treat yourself the same as you would treat others.

What is your number one guilty pleasure or indulgence? 

Coffee and Food – But especially rich fatty food with loads of cream or butter or both.

Who do you admire?

All my women in business friends. Penny Wong #pennywongforpm

What would you say is the best part of being a Mum?

When you see they have learn’t something from you. Also when they demonstrate being good humans

What would be the first advice you would give to a new Mum to be?

To remember that you can always ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. I wish someone had told me that. Being a Mother doesn’t always come naturally.

I know we all try and aim for the perfect work/life balance, how do you keep everything together most days?

Sometimes it is not about keeping it together, but pretending until your brain catches up. I also ask for help.

Do you have any hobbies?

Cooking, Gym and Travelling

What is your favourite book?

Just love Harry Potter. It is great because my kids are well spaced, so I get to re-live it.

What do you think is the key to a healthy relationship?

The key is to not take the easy route. Communicate, work at it. Continue to ask each other the tough questions. Make time for each other.

What made you get into Photography?

I just always loved photography, I developed a roll of film every week when I was in high school, and always had my camera with me.  It wasn’t a very good one, but I loved it.  Then when I was working in corporate I would always take photos at events and parties.  And when another photographer friend of mine started getting into professional gear, I did as well and we learnt our way through it all together.  When Hubby and I got married in Airlie and our photographer made a comment about selling his business, we jumped on board, and 9 months after our wedding we were the new owners of Tropix Photography.

What is your most favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is showing people how beautiful they are, it’s amazing to make people feel good about themselves and know that they will always smile looking at the memories we created together. The experience is just as important to me as the photos, and I’m always aiming for people to have the best experience possible.  I also love business, and I love creating beautiful images that contribute to successful businesses.


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