Many of you will know Naomi, whether through staying at the Big 4 Adventure Park Whitsunday, fondly known as the Frog Park.  Or you have had the pleasure of dining at The Fat Frog Café, located on the Cannonvale beachfront overlooking the Whitsundays.

So how does she do it, managing a Café and also 3 children including teenagers!


How do you juggle working in your own business and still stay on top of the household chores?

A little bit each day, I also try to get the kids to pick up after themselves.  My indulgence to myself is a housekeeper.

With running a thriving Café, how do you manage it around the kids?

The timing of the Café came when the kids were older and more independent, which is what made it possible.  I have also timed my opening hours of the café to suit the children.

We all tend to suffer from Mother’s Guilt, how do you manage it? What would be your advice?

It is hard not to have some sense of Mother’s Guilt.  Especially being a working mum.  I feel that I am a better Mother for keeping busy, working keeps me stimulated.

My advice is that it is important to remember everyone’s situations are different.


You have recently had a milestone birthday “50 Years”.   I heard that you did something quite different, how did this come about?

Yes it was something different.  Well I absolutely love to travel so I decided that I would let each of my children choose a destination to travel to, one on one.  Molly my youngest chose Paris, she happened to have her 10th birthday there.  Josh chose San Francisco, we drove a convertible mustang from LA to San Fran.  My eldest is yet to have his trip and he had chosen Dubai.  Travelling one on one with your children is a great bonding experience, being able to discover places together.

Having just hit the teenage years my self with my oldest being 13.  What is your advice for Mums about to head into this stage?

Hold on tight.

The most important thing about teenagers is that they are all different and that they need to be treated accordingly.  All three of my children are different and respond to discipline in completely different ways, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other.  Open communication is really important, they need to know that they can trust you with their feelings without feeling insecure.

What is something that not everyone knows about you?

I absolutely love adrenalin sports, all kinds, jumping out of planes, fast cars, anything that will get the blood pumping.

Who do you admire?

Kayleen Allen, she was my business coach, who is based in Brisbane.  She is a very intelligent, caring and inspiring women.

What is the best part about being a Mum?

Unexpected cuddles.

We all struggle with the Work/Life Balance, how do you keep it together most days?

It’s a work in progress.  I know what I should do and have to remind myself to prioritise.

Do you have any hobbies?

This is also a work in progress.  I admire men as they are better about having hobbies.  I know what I love being in the outdoors.  I just need to prioritise the time.

What is your favourite book?

“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I also love all the books written by Dan Brown.

What made you want to open The Fat Frog Café?

It was one of those bucket list items for me.  I have a corporate background as well as working in tourism.

I love working with people and building relationships.  I have taken all that I have learnt and poured it into the cafe.


Your favourite part about the Café?

I wanted to create a space for locals to come.  A genuine home away from home.


This is exactly what Naomi has created at The Fat Frog Café.  It is a home away from home for locals and travellers alike.

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