This beautiful women is none other than my inspiration.  I have admired her my whole life and if I could be half the women that she is I would be very happy.

NB: We struggled to get a good selfie, even with a camera timer and tripod 🙂


My mother is one of those rare women that instantly lights up the room as she walks in.  She always has time for everyone and goes out of her way to help.


We always had a stream of kids coming and going at our house and at one stage there were five children living permanently.  Among them four of us were teenagers at the time.

I want to know how she kept it all together, whilst holding down a full time job?


How did you juggle working in your own business and still stay on top of the household chores?

To start with “I didn’t sweat the small stuff”.  Things would get chaotic and messy and we just left it till the weekend and then have a general tidy up.  We had a schedule of chores set up, which helped most of the time.


We all tend to suffer from Mother’s Guilt, how did you manage it?  What would be your advice?

I didn’t think about it too hard.  Just getting through the day and making sure everyone was happy was my main goal.  My advice is to keep it simple, always listen, regardless of how inconvenient the time might be.  As what is important to the child or teenager at the time is most important to them.


I have often heard you say that you dedicated different times in you life to different areas.  What were they?

Basically I broke it up into 25 year cycles.  The first 25 years of my life it was about me, growing up and experiencing life and achieving as many goals as I could.

My second 25 years was about dedicating it to nurturing the family unit and supporting my husband in our many endeavours.

My third 25 years is all about us, myself and my husband.  Enjoying our family and early retirement.  Focusing on our individual hobbies, and renovation projects.


Speaking of hobbies, you are now a well established artist with many artworks sold.  Why did you decide to re-visit art?

When I turned 50 I felt it was time to take time for myself.  A close friend of mine felt it was time to get back to art, as it has always been a thread throughout my life, but something I hadn’t the time to pursue.


You’ve been married now for 46 years.  What is the secret to your marriage success??

Opposites attract, we have such different qualities to bring to our lives.  We have a mutual admiration for one another.  We have always worked well together both professionally and personally.


What would be your advice to couples today?

Have more patience and consideration for one another.  Don’t have such high expectations that make it impossible to achieve.


Having just hit the teenage years myself with my oldest being 13.  What is your advice for Mums about to head into this stage?

At 13 if you haven’t taught them respect and consideration you could be in trouble.  The teenage years from 13-16 it is a very impressionable age and the most important time that they should be observed, nurtured and listened to.

Most parents think they are old enough to do their own thing, since they are so independent.  But this is where you need to be more observant than ever.

They do need some independence, but also need to know that you know what they are up to.  Always expect the unexpected so be prepared.  Parenting is a full time job, don’t get complacent at this stage.


What is something that not everyone knows about you?

When no one else is around my favourite meal is to have cheese, chocolate and red wine while watching Rugby League.


Who do you admire?

At the moment I admire the New Zealand prime minister Jacinta Adern.


What is the best part about being a Mum?

Watching my children choose their paths in life and succeed in what they love.  Marrying their partners and having their own children has been a blessing.


What is the best part about being a Grandmother? (Nana)

Seeing some of my own personal traits showing up in various ways amongst the 8 grandsons.


Your favourite saying?


Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Weep and you weep alone.


What do you think about ageing and how do you manage to age so gracefully?

I have always used good skincare and basic make up to protect my skin.  I definitely don’t wish to go down the path of enhancements of any kind whatsoever.  I am proud of the way I look and how I am ageing.  My lines and flaws are a map of my life, of which I don’t wish to erase.

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